How the Poop Loop Makes Your Walks More Pleasant

How the Poop Loop Makes Your Walks More Pleasant

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There’s no need to leave your dog’s business in public places – just loop the loop and carry the poop!

It’s every dog owner’s least favourite part of their daily walk: bending over and picking up his poop! Carrying doggy doo-doo around for the rest of your walk is never fun, but the Poop Loop can certainly make it less of a hassle.  

There are reasons your dog chooses your regular neighbourhood stroll to do his business. Physical movement can make bowel movements easier. For some pooches, pooping in public is just another way to mark their territory. Sometimes dogs even find walks exciting enough that they lose control of their faculties on them. But regardless of the reason, nobody likes coming across your dog’s calling card on their front lawn or a wilderness trail. 

Compostable poop bags are handy, but the Poop Loop is the ultimate convenience, allowing you to be hands-free for the rest of your hike. Here’s the Arctic Sammy guide to how this simple dog accessory benefits you and your furry friend. 

Why you should pick up your dog’s poop

As a responsible dog owner, you already know that picking up after your pup is the considerate thing to do. Here are some other reasons why it’s so important:

It doesn’t fully break down on its own

Dog poop can take up to 12 months to fully break down. Plus, when rainwater washes over poop, it flows into drainage systems and carries the muck into rivers, lakes and streams. 

It spreads disease

Dog poop can harbour germs that are dangerous to other dogs and even to humans. It can be a source of e coli and salmonella and can stay in soil for years. Be careful not to let your best friend do his business within 200 feet of a body of water, and never throw your poop bag into a storm drain. 

It’s not a fertiliser

A dog’s business isn’t the natural fertiliser that some may think it is. Dogs have high-protein diets and their doo-doo is high in nitrogen and phosphorus. So rather than being good for grass, dog poop can actually kill it. You can see how picking up after your pup is necessary for several reasons! 

The problem with plastic

By this stage, everyone’s well aware that plastic pollution is a global problem and one of the biggest issues facing the environment. The equivalent of 2,000 garbage trucks full of plastic are dumped into the world’s lakes, oceans and rivers every day. Most plastics aren’t biodegradable, so unless they’re re-used or recycled, they can pose significant problems to marine wildlife. 

Compostable poop bags provide a greener alternative but, without a Poop Loop, they still require you to carry a bag of poop in your hand until you come across the next bin. 

The Poop Loop is one of those dog accessories you can use again and again and again for a very low price. For the best possible results, get your hands on some compostable poop bags and a Poop Loop or two. 

How the Poop Loop makes walks easier

Here are the ways the Poop Loop keeps your daily walk with your best buddy clean, pleasant and peaceful:

  • Poop Loops are simply the easiest available way to carry your puppy’s poop! Lightweight and slip-proof, they attach to your lead, bag or backpack and hoist your poop bag around so you don’t have to.
  • Poop Loops are easy to attach to all kinds of bags and accessories, from leads to backpacks to Trail Packs. 
  • Poop Loops are lightweight and made from non-toxic durable rubber. 
  • Poop Loops can hold up to three biodegradable bags at the same time. 
  • Poop Loops are easy to look after. Just hand wash with warm water and a gentle soap and you can re-use them over and over again. 
  • Poop Loops are perfect for short or long walks in all kinds of environments and stop you from making enemies in your own neighbourhood or in new locations. They’re the dog accessories that you don’t realise you need until you’ve experienced their convenience for yourself. 


Buy a Poop Loop from Arctic Sammy

For cleaner and more enjoyable walks, order a Poop Loop from Arctic Sammy along with some of our other dog accessories including compostable dog poop bags. You’ll be set for the perfect walk with your treasured companion. 

As fellow dog lovers, Arctic Sammy aims to make owning a dog easier and more rewarding in every way! That includes providing an easy-to-use, affordable, lightweight option for disposing of the droppings your dog leaves in his wake. Keep your hands free and keep the trails clean with your very own Poop Loop from Arctic Sammy. 

Do you have questions? Reach out to the Arctic Sammy team and we’ll be happy to help you!

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