The Best Activities For Dog Harnesses

The Best Activities For Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are the perfect dog accessories, balancing your dog’s need for freedom and adventure with your responsibility to keep him safe. With a reputation for being easy to put on and comfortable to wear, dog harnesses keep the pressure off your dog’s neck and reduce the risk of injury, throat damage  and back pain. 

A dog harness is safe and secure – there’s no chance of your furry friend slipping out of it when he gets a little too excited - provided it is fitted correctly and the right type for your dog. It even lets you explore the great outdoors with a puppy that hasn’t yet learned to walk on a leash. It’s no wonder that the Adventure Dog Harness is one of our best-selling products! For ultimate convenience, you can purchase dog harnesses and dog collars at the same time. Talk about being ready to go!

In a country like New Zealand, there’s abundant natural beauty to explore and interesting sights to behold – including some in your own street, no doubt. From rugged mountain peaks to rivers and streams, forests, parks and city streets, there’s always something to see. Here are some of the most satisfying activities you can embark on with your pup secure in a snug harness.   


Trail running

Trail running is running off-road with your pet. New Zealand has a thriving trail running community with dog-friendly trails all around the country. Trails can be tough terrain with slips and obstacles to watch out for. Yet with comfortable reliable safety equipment like an adventure dog harness and trail runner handsfree dog leash, they’re a fun way for both you and your dog to get some exercise surrounded by beautiful scenery. 


New Zealand has plenty of forest walking tracks, reserve trails and loops where you and your furry friend can enjoy the fresh air, peace and tranquillity. Not to mention, plenty of sticks to throw! A comfy harness will stop your dog from running off the beaten track and keep him away from other animals and potential dangers. 

Mountain hikes

When you live in a country that’s famous for its breathtaking mountain views, why not make the most of it with your best friend in tow? Look up some dog-friendly mountain hikes in your area and you’ll find there are plenty of hikes you can take with your pup that aren’t too tough and will lead you to sweeping, panoramic views. You might even find a nice dog-friendly beach, park or waterfall on your trails. 


Going to the park is an easy way to give your dog a change of scenery and some exercise. Find a dog park with an off-leash area and you can let him loose to play as well. 

City walks

You don’t have to venture into the wilderness to experience the benefits of Arctic Sammy’s dog harnesses. Slip on your dog’s harness and get ready to explore a new neighbourhood, wander by the waterfront or grab a take-away coffee from your favourite hole-in-the-wall café or coffee cart. 


If your pup loves the water, taking him to a dog-friendly beach is one of the best ways to provide him with some exercise while having an amazing time together. Let him run around the sand, have a doggy paddle or play a game of fetch.

Arctic Sammy’s dog harness is made from fast-drying, lightweight mesh that won’t soak up much water. Just rinse your harness when you get home to get rid of the salt and sand.  


Canicross is the sport of running cross-country with your dog, and all breeds can participate. Just make sure you have the right harness and leash and that your dog can follow basic obedience instructions and you’re good to go. 

Buy Arctic Sammy dog harnesses

From a simple run down the street to a multi-day mountain trek, an Arctic Sammy Adventure Dog Harness is designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Its lightweight mesh fabric body is breathable, fast-drying and won’t chafe or irritate your dog, while the Y-shaped front of the harness is designed to maximise his freedom of movement and preserve his shoulder joint health. 

Two D-ring attachment points – one at the front and one at the back – give you two options for how you want to walk your dog, while the front clip discourages pulling. The overbuilt handle lets you keep your dog close to you and help him over obstacles.  

Our dog harnesses come in all sizes including XS, S, M, L and XL, and you can purchase them with other dog accessories like dog collars, trail packs and dog treat pouches so that you’re well prepared to set out on your next big expedition with your best friend.

To find out more about our dog harnesses and the rest of our dog accessories, contact the Arctic Sammy team

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