Why a Dog Treat Pouch Is the Ultimate Training Tool

Why a Dog Treat Pouch Is the Ultimate Training Tool

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Training with treats has always been one of the most effective (and popular) ways to teach a dog new tricks. The best dog training is reward-based and every pup’s favourite reward is a treat! While it’s essential to balance treat-based training with other motivators like toys and praise, a dog treat pouch is a must-have item for instructing and rewarding good behaviour. 

Dog treat pouches are small but powerful dog accessories that make it easy to carry treats with you wherever you go, and access them when you need to. From a quick snack on a hiking trail to a training session at doggy school, these outdoor dog products make quality time with your best friend more rewarding for the pair of you.

Made from water-resistant, lightweight materials, Arctic Sammy’s dog treat pouch is easy to strap around your waist for hands-free training in any location.  

If other training tools haven’t worked, or you’re just sick of finding that all-too-familiar dog treat smell in your pockets, here’s why a dog treat pouch is your new must-have training accessory. 


Introducing the dog treat pouch

A dog treat pouch is a small, strong but lightweight bag designed to carry delicious morsels for your dog to nibble on. Available in different sizes and styles to suit your taste, treat pouches are easy to carry, simple to clean and quick to clip onto your bag or belt. They’re built to guarantee no treats get lost and often come with their own pockets and compartments on the outside so you can carry other accessories too. 

Dog treat pouches are excellent for any occasion when you may want to slip your pup a treat: on your daily walk, on a camping trip, during behaviour training sessions at home or dog school, or any occasion when he’s just been a very good boy. But although it’s useful for a range of situations, a dog treat pouch’s greatest strength is being the ultimate dog training tool.   

Why the dog treat pouch is the ultimate training tool

When it comes to reward-based doggy training, treats have always been powerful motivators that make the process easier for you and your pup. Small, light and easy to carry around, they’re perfect for all dog breeds. Every pup loves a snack! If your dog is the reactive kind, having treats on hand helps bring his focus back to you and can even help build positive rather than negative associations with his triggers. You can tempt your pup away from distractions with the promise of a treat, and reward him with one when he surprises you with good behaviour. 

A dog treat pouch is a safe place for all your treats, and it’s the ultimate training tool for the following reasons:

It’s convenient

With all your treats securely kept in the one place, you don’t have to go rummaging through your handbags or your pockets every time you want to give your dog a reward.  

It’s hands-free

A treat pouch frees up your hands so you can use them for other things during training such as visual commands or clickers. 

It makes carrying several items easier

A treat pouch makes it easier to carry other dog accessories like your poop bags and obedience clicker around. 

It’s consistent

Consistency helps dogs learn, and a pouch keeps your treats in a consistent location. And having your treat pouch topped up and ready to go helps never to forget to bring the delicious goodies!

It’s fast

With a treat pouch, there’s no delay between your dog doing what you ask and you rewarding him with a treat. This immediacy helps create a stronger mental connection between the desired behaviour and the reward. Timing is one of the most important aspects of training with treats!

It’s portable

You can take a treat pouch just about anywhere: inside or outside, at home or into the wild. The choice is yours, and the treats are your dog’s. A pouch helps make training sessions better and more fun for the both of you.   

Arctic Sammy’s dog treat training pouches

If you’ve been looking for a versatile new training tool, the Arctic Sammy dog treat pouch is just what you and your furry friend need. 

This handy dog accessory is easy to strap around your waist or to clip on just about anywhere, including to our trail packs! Just clip onto the attachment straps on either side of your pack and you can carry your dog treats, phone water bottle and other accessories wherever you go. 

Our dog treat pouch’s quick magnetic closure opens with the simple pull of a tab and snaps shut again, making it quick and easy to grab a handful of tasty treats for your furry friend. A waterproof liner means even the greasiest and juiciest treats won’t leak anywhere, while a zip-pocket on the exterior can store small items like keys and poop bags.  

Our treat pouch comes with a lifetime warranty. And while you’re here, why not look at some of the other outdoor dog products we have available, including backcountry travel dog bowls, LED collar lights and more. 

To find out more about our dog accessories including our dog treat pouches, contact the Arctic Sammy team

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