3 ways to get your dog to drink more water on hikes

3 ways to get your dog to drink more water on hikes

We have compiled three tips and tricks to keep your pooch happy, healthy, and most importantly – hydrated on the trail. 

With Summer on our doorsteps, we are all keen to dust of the winter blues and plan our trips outside. While hiking is perfect to get your dog the exercise they need, it is also a brilliant way for you to recharge and spend quality time with your best mate. But with the distraction of new surroundings and new smells, your dog might turn their nose to a water break – even if you know they are thirsty.

For us humans, the general rule is to drink about half a liter of water per hour of moderate activity in moderate temperatures. Your dog’s water needs will depend on their age, breed and fitness level. Make sure you pack enough water for you and your pup every time you set out on an adventure. Dog’s tend to dehydrate much quicker than us which can be dangerous when you are out and about. 

We have compiled three tips and tricks to keep your pooch happy, healthy, and most importantly – hydrated on the trail. 


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Why is my dog not drinking water?

It isn’t uncommon for your dog to refuse drinking water when hiking – especially if they’re new to being on the trail. This is usually due to a change in scenery and there is nothing more exciting than sniffing out all the smells in the forest. We experience the same when taking puppy on a road trip, to a new hotel room or a new town. 

How to get your dog to drink water

Have you ever found yourself on the side of the trail with water cupped in your hands, talking to your dog like a toddler, hoping that they will just take a quick drink? We’ve been there and it can be pretty frustrating. That's why we compiled three easy ways for getting your dog to drink water on the trail.



1. Bring a familiar bowl

Bringing a water dish from home that smells familiar is a great way to make them more comfortable in their new surroundings and reminds them of what they are supposed to do now: drink some water. Of course, carrying your bulky bowl from home is not an option - imagine the space and weight it would take up in your backpack! Our Backcountry Travel Bowl is the best option if you want your hike to be enjoyable with light luggage. 


Our portable dog bowl is your perfect companion on the trail. We recommend you start using it at home so that your dog gets used to it before your hike. Its foldable design comes with a carabiner that clips to the outside of your Trail Pack or slips inside your backpack, taking up little room. What’s even better is due to its flexible design, the bowl is sturdy on rocky, unstable surfaces so that you don’t spill the water you just carried up the hill. 


2. Sit down during water breaks

This one seems odd, but when we humans get thirsty on the trail, we usually sip from our water bottle standing up (or while walking) because we are eager to get moving. Guess who can tell? Your pup is just as excited as you to keep on going and don’t want to be left behind! So find a nice spot, take a breather as you pour some fresh water for your pup. This body language tells your dog it’s time to relax and take a break, and that you aren’t headed anywhere just yet. Once they are calm, they will likely notice just how thirsty they are and have a sip of water with you. 



3. Make it a game

Your dog is the playful type? Get yourself a quirt bottle and squirt some water into the air or over their body. Your dog will likely be jumping, trying to catch the water droplets, and is distracted from the exciting smells on the trail for a second. Once the focus is on you, try to pour some water into the bowl to get your dog to drink. 


Pro Tip: If your dog likes cucumbers, then this one will work for you! Cut up some cucumber pieces at home and feed them to your dog throughout the hike. A cucumber's high water content is excellent for hydration and they are safe for dogs to eat. Treat and water source all in one!


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See you all out there

Stephan, Kristina and Loki 


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