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Thousands of dogs are sitting in shelters right now, without a family of their own. Some of them have been abused and others just didn’t “fit in”. Numbers of shelter dogs and dogs in need is growing ever year. Being in love with our dog, we simply can not accept the fact of leaving them behind. 

We started our Arctic Sammy Donations Program to be able to help out the amazing people running (often under-funded) rescues and shelters around the globe. The program is simple - we donate 1NZD for every purchase made here on To top it up, customers are now able to add a donation to their order as well! Together we can raise money which is urgently needed to help those that have been left behind. Every couple of months we choose a different rescue or shelter to receive the donation to make sure we cover as much ground as possible. Donations allow foundations and shelters to cover medical needs, supplies and to continue saving lives. 

Timeline 2024

Pet Refuge

“Pet Refuge exists to offer temporary accommodation for pets of the victims leaving abusive homes. The shelter provides a safe bed for a pet and all-inclusive care such as food, necessary veterinary treatment, training, and enrichment as well as transporting the pet to safety and, once it is safe to do so, transporting the pet(s) back to their family. Because of Pet Refuge, families can keep their pets safe while they escape, giving them the space and time to plan for a future without violence for them and their pets. Owners no longer need to make the choice between their safety and their pet. Safer pets = Safer Families. Since we opened in 2021, we have helped 454 pets and their families to escape abuse.”

- ongoing-

What we have done so far

Timeline 2023

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue provides temporary shelter, food, medical attention, and comfort to neglected and rejected dogs. They seek out new homes for these dogs and try to educate the public about the humane care of dogs. Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue considers the unique needs of all the dogs in their care and work compassionately to prepare a safe, appropriately socialised dog for a wonderful new life.

Donation: 1800NZD

To apply for your rescue or shelter to be a recipient, please feel free to drop us a line  and tell us a bit more about your organisation at or fill out the form below.

Recpepient Request Form