Which Lead is best for my dog?

Which Lead is best for my dog?

With so many different Arctic Sammy leads choosing the right lead for your dog can be a tough task! Leads are an important training tool, and they’re used on a daily basis, so it matters which one you pick. Whether you’re looking for style, function, or performance, there’s a lead for every dog.


 Did you know that all leads are handmade in New Zealand and backed by a lifetime warranty? 


A dog lead is more than just a way to keep your dog close when you go for a walk. The right dog lead gives your pup freedom to explore and make their mark on the world while keeping them safe. Whether you’re looking for style, function, or performance, rest assured! We've got the right lead for your dog.

So how do you make the right choice?

To select the best possible dog lead, consider your canine’s size and temperament. For example, are you a city stroller or a mountaineer? Do you have a puppy in training or a champion on the lead? Do you have a 50kg Carne Corso or a 5kg Frenchie?

To help you choose the best-fit dog lead, here is an overview of all our leads and their functions.


The Basic Dog Lead aka "The Everyday Lead"



Our original product, the Everyday Climbing Rope Lead is available in a 1.5m or 3.0m length. The Everyday Lead is suitable for almost all occasions, whether a quick stroll around the dog park, your daily neibourhood walks or training your puppy on a regular lead. Which length is right is hard to answer as it is mostly personal preference. We recommend a longer lead to allow for a good sniffary or when your dog can not be trusted of lead and the 1.5m for all other occasions. 


The Slip Lead 


The slip lead is a unique lead made for specific purposes - such as training, dog walkers, doggie daycares, and agility training. We like to keep an extra one in our car to easily lead up a lost dog or when we forgot our regular lead at home. The lead slips over the dogs head, acting like a collar and lead in one, and will tighten on the dog's neck when the dog pulls. The lead comes with a rubber stopper which prevents it from falling of your dogs head or moving down the neck while walking. The rope is 1.5m in length from end to end, but will be shorter depending on how big your dog's neck is. There is a bit of user knowledge involved. You want to know how the Slip Lead functions to get the right affect and keep your dog safe. If you are unsure if the slip lead is for you - reach out to us, we are happy to help!


The Trail Runner Lead aka "The Game Changer" 


The name "Game Changer" was actually given by lot's of our happy customers. We have created this lead to keep your hands free, your dog safe and allow enough space to explore the trail. Imagine taking your dog running, tramping, hiking or skiing. Whether you enjoy your morning coffee during your walk, are taking a phone call or carrying your shopping bags, a hands-free lead is convenient in so many ways. If this is you then don't waste anytime and get a Trail Runner! It will change your doggy walks forever and some say they never went back to a regular lead. The best part: The length of this lead is adjustable! 


The City Walker Traffic Lead


There are many circumstances in which a super short lead is exactly what you need. Not just handy for strolls through the city, this 65cm long lead always keeps your pooch close by. This comes in handy when your dog is reactive, you are training a puppy or taking your dog to the vet. Ever had to wrap your lead around your wrists to make it short enough? Not anymore :) 


The Long Line Training Lead


 Combine security with freedom for your dog with a Long Line. This 10m long lead is one of our all time bestellers - for a good reason. It allows your dog to be seemingly free, yet under control. Whether your dog is still learning your recall commands, you want to have controlled socialization for your puppy or heading out for long beach walks, this lead is a perfect addition to your regular dog lead. Also handy to tether your pup when out camping! Our tip: Use your Long Line in combination with our Adventure Harness and not with a collar. If your dog runs when being at the end of the line, he is less likely to hurt himself being attached to a harness. 

The Double Dog Lead


The name says it all: This lead is perfect for walking 2 dogs! You will never have to worry about getting twisted leads again while walking both your pups with this lead - especially designed to do just that. No more tangled up ropes when one decides to change direction or both dogs have different speed or fitness levels. Swivel carabiners on all ends prevent your lead from getting tangled and each dog has enough space on it's own extension to enjoy their sniffs along the track. You can also easily let one dog go and keep the other one on the lead. Happy days!


Transfer Lead


This truly is such a great little helper! With 30cm, this short lead (or handle) is ideal for transfers such as to the vet, into the park or from daycare into the car. Once your pup is off lead, simply clip it onto your jeans, backpack or Trail Pack. You can also leave it on your dogs harness to quickly grab them close if needed. It is super lightweight and you and your dog won't even notice it. Can also be used as a car seat tether in combination with another carabiner!


The Small Dog Lead


Lighter, thinner but just as strong as our regular leads: Arctic Sammy's Small Dog Leads! Designed specifically for small dogs, this lead is perfect for Maltese, Dachshunds, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Schnauzer, Pugs and many more. The lead does not have a knot at the end to make it nice and slim. With only around 150g, your dog won't even feel he is on a lead. Also a great lead for new puppy owners! Best combined with our adjustable dog collars or Adventure Harness

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