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Well how did it all begin? Of course it began with Loki, the white fluffy pup in the picture above. He inspired us to explore places we would have never seen. Climb mountains we didn't know existed. And exploring new sports we would do together. We have always been active and therefor are all kitted out in great outdoor gear. So we wanted the same for Loki. Suitable and reliable gear that fulfils a prupose and lasts a lifetime. So we went to work...

Kristina, Stephan and Loki

Collect Memories. It's the only thing that will last you a lifetime



Personal connections are what drives our small business. You are not a customer, you are a fellow dog owner who we are instantly connected to. We feel and hear you and your satisfaction matters most

How it all began

The Journey

We were not in the position to have a big budget, investors or crouwdfunding back in 2021. In fact, it was the middle of the second lockdown here in NZ and things were, well, tough.

We spend our time dreaming of places, sharing memories of experiences while we were walking Loki "around the block" rather than hitting the trails due to the travel restrictions. So we began to plan what we wanted to create and spend the extra time we had with research, finding suppliers and testing out the first prototypes.

Fast forward, we have put our ideas into action and created gear that will inspire you to get out and just do it. You don't have to dream anymore - we've got whatever you need to fulfill your wildest adventures together! And rest assured, there is a whole lot more to come!