10 reasons why you need a handsfree dog lead

10 reasons why you need a handsfree dog lead

Have you ever wondered if a hands free lead might be right for you and your dog? Well wonder no more, because today we going to talk about everything you need to know and 10 reasons why our Arctic Sammy Trail Runner Handsfree Lead is going to change your doggy walks forever!

So what exactly is a handsfree lead? Like the name implies, you don't need your hands to hold onto it. Instead, you're wearing it around your waist. Want to know why you need one? Keep reading :) 

10 reasons why you need a Trail Runner Handsfree Dog Lead


1) No strain on your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders 

We all know how that feels like. Especially teenage dogs can be difficult to focus on you and are pulling your arms and hands all over the place. Also very handy if you recently had an injury and have to give your shoulders or hands a rest.

2) Never accidentally drop the lead and loose your dog

You have a dog that can never be off lead due to bad recall, age or being reactive? Accidentally dropping the lead is giving your nightmares? Walk completly relaxed knowing that your dog is always going to stay by your side - no matter what. 

3) No more cold hands in winter

For us girls out there, winter can be harsh on your hands out on your walk. Nothing better than keeping your hands toasty inside your pockets enjoying a crisp winter morning walk! 

4) Use your phone during your walk

Yep, we all are trying to get some quality time with our pups and take a breather from our phones. But honestly, how often do we check our messages or want to take photos? Use your phone safely without having to juggle your lead at the same time. 

4) Tie your dog up to a pole or table

A quick stop at your local dairy to grab a few essentials? Our Trail Runner Lead can be easily tied up to a pole or table leg. And you can even adjust the length to ensure your pup is safe from cars or people passing by 

5) Adjustable length

Yep, thats right! With our locking slider system, you can change the length from long to short in seconds. Super handy when you are walking on busy roads or past not so friendly looking pups. 

6) Take your pup shopping

Pushing a trolly through Bunnings, checking your shopping list, grabbing a few new plants for the garden AND holding onto a lead? Doesn't sound like fun at all, so simply pop puppy on your handsfree lead and you are ready to enjoy a quick shopping trip.

7) Push your baby stroller 

No more struggle managing your stroller, baby and your dog lead all at the same time. And don't get tempted to attach the dog lead to the stroller - you don't want your dog and baby taking off together!

8) Great for puppies!

A puppy requires all your attention. Enjoy your training sessions and have your hands free to show visual commands and reward your pups achievements with yummy treats. Also great to quickly redirect him away from anything unwanted.   

9) Go for a run

Running with your pup on lead is so much more enjoyable with a handsfree lead. With 3m in length, it is long enough for your dog to enjoy the extra exercise and you are getting your km's in for the week. 

10) Go on a hike

Unfortunately, some of the nicest tracks are "dogs on lead only". No worries! You can still enjoy even longer hikes together with your pup being comfortably attached to your waist. 


There are literally countless moments and situations where a handsfree lead is simply so convenient to use. Some call it 'the game changer' and we totally back this up! Our Trail Runner Lead is truly changing your everyday dog walks and gives you freedom you didn't even know you have while being out with your dog. This is the most versatile lead we offer and you will never regret investing in one. Same like all our leads and collars, the Trail Runner Lead is made in our small workshop here in Christchurch and backed with a lifetime warranty! 


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