Why Dog Harnesses and Collars Are Both Necessary

Why Dog Harnesses and Collars Are Both Necessary

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It feels like even your dog has so many options for what to wear these days. Shopping for dog accessories has rarely been this much fun – or this much work! Yet dog harnesses and dog collars are more than fashion statements. They’re quintessential tools for walking, training and adventuring with your best friend. But which is more effective: dog harnesses or collars? 

You may have heard that collars are too tight around dog’s necks, while harnesses prevent neck injury. Or maybe you’ve read that dog harnesses are uncomfortable and time-consuming to put on, while collars are the superior choice for training. How do you choose the right accessory?

Arctic Sammy says “choose both”. As dog lovers ourselves with years of experience training and exploring with dogs, we can tell you a combination of harness and collar is the best of both worlds. Here’s our guide to why both of these must-have items should be in your dog’s wardrobe. 

Benefits of Dog Collars


Dog collars are quicker and easier to slip on and off than harnesses, making them the perfect choice when you’re in a hurry. 


Collars are excellent tools for training, with a basic collar and leash combo all you need to teach your pet simple commands and instructions. 


Collars let you confidently keep your dog under control, allowing you to quickly and safely guide him through busy places while avoiding dangers. 


A collar is the perfect place to hang your dog’s ID tag, with information like his name, medical information and your contact details on it. If he gets himself lost or injured, this information can save his life!  

Benefits of Dog Harnesses


Dog harnesses provide higher levels of security. By directing the movement of your dog’s entire body rather than just his neck, it makes it easier for you to maneuver your precious pup out of harm’s way. 


Harnesses tend to be gentler and easier on dogs than collars. They take the stress off your dog’s neck and joints and help alleviate back pain. That’s especially important for smaller breeds.


Harnesses are useful long walks, outdoor adventures and even for securing your pup in the car. 

Why your dog needs both

The perfect blend of comfort, convenience and control

When you’re equipped with a harness and collar combo, you always have the perfect tool on hand when you need it. You can maintain complete control over your dog while ensuring his comfort and preventing pulling, and you can also move him in a hurry. On long treks, a harness keeps your dog snug and lets you steer him away from dangerous situations, while his collar and ID tag can save him if he goes wandering too far.   

A complete training system

It’s best to start training a puppy with a harness before moving onto a collar. Puppies tend to pull strongly on their leashes when learning to walk, which can push on their young necks and damage their tracheas. To look after your furry friend during his vulnerable younger years, start with a harness that clips onto his back. Once he’s learnt not to pull, you can switch between harness and collar as you see fit.  

All in all, dog harnesses and collars are a match made in heaven that will make things easier for both your furry friend and you. You just have to make sure you buy quality, long-lasting gear.  

Find your next dog harness and collar from Arctic Sammy

You can find the perfect harness and collar for your pup – as well as a range of other dog accessories – right here on the Arctic Sammy website. 

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