Can You Leave a Dog Harness On All The Time?

Can You Leave a Dog Harness On All The Time?

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A dog harness is a must-have accessory. Gentler on your dog’s neck than a collar, it helps to prevent injuries and to keep him safe from dangers. A harness gives you more control on a walk and makes for a handy training tool as well. But can you leave a dog harness on all the time

Dog owners are divided on the subject. Some leave their dog’s harnesses on around the clock, while others will rarely put it on. Leaving a dog harness on all day may be convenient, especially if you need to whisk your dog away on a spontaneous car trip, but it’s an approach that comes with more disadvantages than advantages. 

As dog owners, we all want what’s best for our furry friends and their comfort, health and safety. So in order to settle this debate, we at Arctic Sammy present this guide to when you should (and shouldn’t) use a dog harness. 

If you’re looking for quality dog harnesses, Arctic Sammy’s adventure harnesses are perfect for your pet. Designed for everything from your favourite casual beach and bush walks to long camping trips in wilderness destinations, these sturdy but lightweight harnesses will keep your free-spirited canine companion safe and happy.

So can you leave a dog harness on all the time? And if not, when is the best time to use it?  


Can you leave a dog harness on all the time?

Dog harnesses are must-have items for every dog lover. They are comfortable for your dog to wear during walks and prevent injuries from pulling on the leash. Harnesses spread pressure over a larger surface area of your dog’s body than collars do, reducing the risk of neck or back strain. They’re perfect for dogs that are prone to neck injuries or respiratory problems.

Can you leave a dog harness on all the time, though? As it turns out, the answer is a firm no. 

Harnesses need to be used wisely. Leaving your dog in a harness 24/7 can cause a number of problems including:

* Chafing, rubbing and sores. 

* Discomfort and skin irritation.

* Restriction of your dog’s natural movement and flexibility. 

* Hair loss and matted fur.

* Risk of the harness getting caught or stuck on something. 

* Risk of undoing the training you’ve done with the harness (e.g. discomfort causing your dog to associate the harness with negative feelings rather than the positive progress you made during training).

When you’re spending quality time at home with your best friend, it’s best to leave the harness off.  

When should your dog wear his harness?

While the answer to the question “can you leave a dog harness on all the time?” is a resounding no, there are still so many opportunities to make the most out of these useful accessories. Some top times to use a dog harness include:

* Walks

* Car trips

* Long hikes

* Camping trips

* Training

* Any other outdoor activities which require leashing your dog. 

The importance of your dog’s harness fitting

It’s important to choose the right fit for your dog’s harness. A harness that’s too loose won’t give you enough control. And if your dog is good at giving you the slip, he may slip right out of it. A harness that’s too tight can restrict your companion’s movements and cause him discomfort and pain. When you can slip two fingers between your dog’s fur and the harness, you know you’ve found the sweet spot. The harness should be secure enough to stay in place but not so tight that it pinches your dog’s skin. 


Buy Arctic Sammy’s adventure harness

Looking to buy a dog harness onlineArctic Sammy’s adventure dog harness is an essential piece of gear for a lifetime of adventures with your best friend. Available in teal, black, olive or pink, this harness is comfortable for your dog to wear and won’t put pressure on his neck.

Can you leave a dog harness on all the time? No, and the Arctic Sammy adventure dog harness is no exception. But you can take it to a range of environments from the wilderness to the local dog park to get the most out of your time spent with your pup.

Made from lightweight, fast-drying mesh, the Arctic Sammy adventure dog harness is strong and sturdy but can also be neatly folded into your backpack without being bulky. The breathable mesh keeps your dog more comfortable in the hot summer months and stops that “wet dog” smell from setting in. The harness slips over the dog’s head and has adjustable neck and shoulder straps, plus two side release buckles in the chest and two D-ring attachment points.  

If you have any questions about our dog harnesses or other accessories before you buy a dog harness online, contact the Arctic Sammy team

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