How to Clean Your Dog Harness

How to Clean Your Dog Harness

There’s something about rolling around in the mud and muck that dogs just can’t resist. And even if you can pull your dog away from the temptation of a big, dirty puddle, he still produces natural oils and body odours just like humans do. Sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with how to clean a dog harness

Dog harnesses are must-have accessories that let you walk your best friend safely and comfortably no matter his age, size or breed. If your beloved pet has a habit of pulling or gagging on his leash, clipping his lead to a harness will let you take control without putting too much pressure on his neck. 

Taking care of your pet’s harness has so many benefits for you and your dog alike. It keeps him healthy and clean, lengthens the lifespan of the harness and stops unpleasant smells from settling in. When you know how to clean a dog harness, both you and your furry friend are happier for it. 

And if you want to buy a dog harness online, Arctic Sammy is the place to start looking. Our mesh harnesses are lightweight yet strong and secure, and perfect for an adventurous pup. 

Here’s the Arctic Sammy guide to the essentials of how to clean a dog harness. All you need is warm water, some dog shampoo, a soft brush and a bowl to get started. 


Check the label

No matter what you’re washing, checking the manufacturer’s label is the first step. The label will tell you whether you can put your harness (or any other accessory) in the washing machine and at what temperature, or whether you need to wash it by hand. When in doubt, hand-washing is the gentlest method and helps preserve your harness for longer.   

Secure the buckles

Securing all the buckles on your dog harness will prevent them from getting caught on something and suffering damage.  

Shake off the dirt

Shaking off your harness before you wash it will stop any dirt and debris from getting ground into the harness and becoming more difficult to remove.  

Check the material

Some materials are machine washable, but the same can’t be said for all of them. Soaking a leather harness in soap and water can ruin it. It’s better to apply a leather treatment with a soft sponge instead. If the material is nylon, neoprene or rope, hand washing is the best and safest option.  

Hand wash or machine wash?

Machine washing is convenient. But if you want an approach that’s gentle on your dog harness and helps preserve its longevity, nothing beats a simple hand wash. All you need is some warm water and mild soap. A word of caution: never use human soap on a dog. It can disrupt his pH balance and leave him vulnerable to infections.

Here’s a good process to follow for the wash: Put some dog shampoo in a bowl of warm water and let the harness soak in there for 15 minutes. Lightly massage the harness to remove the dirt, adding more dog shampoo if you need to. When the harness is clean enough, rinse it under running water to remove any last soap and suds, squeeze it out and hang it up to dry somewhere your pup can’t reach.  

Check the harness for damage

After a wash is the perfect time to check your dog’s harness for damage or wear and tear. If you come across any damage, it’s vital to repair or replace the harness early to keep your dog safe. 

Store the harness somewhere safe

When you’re not using your harness, store it in a safe place, away from shape objects, where your dog can’t reach it. A closed closet or cabinet will keep your dog’s harness safe. On the other hand, nothing will wear it out faster than him using it as a chew toy! 


Buy a dog harness online from Arctic Sammy

It’s easy to learn how to clean a dog harness. But maybe you have to buy one first? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

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For more information about how to clean a dog harness and the harnesses we have available, contact the Arctic Sammy team

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