Dog Leashes: How to Choose the Best One for Your Dog

Dog Leashes: How to Choose the Best One for Your Dog

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Your dog is a member of your family. And just like any family member, you want to protect him and keep him safe. Your dog’s leash is his lifeline, and your first line of defence against threats like cars and unfriendly animals. Dog leashes allow your best friend to run wild and free, exploring all that the big wide world has to offer. But it also keeps the power firmly in your hands and lets you rein your dog in when you need to.

At first glance, dog leashes are fairly simple tools. Made from materials like leather, nylon or rope, a dog’s lead commonly consists of a long strap, a handle or loop and a carabiner that clips onto your dog’s collar or harness. 

Cesar Milan says a leash has three main purposes: to connect with our dogs, to guide our dogs or to stop our dogs. Yet dog leashes come in a large number of styles and the perfect leash can be different depending on your goals. Are you looking to train your furry friend, take him on long forest hikes or just have a few leisurely neighbourhood walks? It’s important to consider your dog’s size and strength, the length of the leash you need and the material you prefer. 

Here’s the Arctic Sammy guide to some common varieties of dog leads and how to choose which of these essential dog accessories suits your pup the best. 

Everyday Dog Leashes

An everyday dog leash is the standard that many pet parents use, and it’s perfect for the kind of walks you take with your dog on a daily basis. But it’s still sturdy and reliable enough for longer walks, extended periods of use and bigger dogs. The dog leads we sell at Arctic Sammy have break loads of 647kg, but despite how rugged they are, they remain gentle on your hands. An everyday dog leash is a simple yet versatile option for long or short walks around the park, into the woods or just up the road to run errands.   

Traffic Leashes

A traffic dog leash is a lead that’s perfect for everyday use but still gives you a little more control thanks to the built-in traffic handle. This handle makes it easy to prevent your dog from bumping into other dogs (and people!) you’d rather he not stop to meet. No more wrapping the leash around your wrist to stop him from running up to strangers! 

Made for when you really need to keep your dog on a short leash, Arctic Sammy’s traffic leashes are ideal even when you have a big, strong dog you need to keep in line. 

Handsfree Leashes

Enjoy one of the most liberating experiences you can possibly have with your dog: a hands-free walk. You can talk on your phone or grab your morning coffee while walking your pup, and going for a run together has never felt so free. You can also embark on outdoor and adventure activities together such as hiking, skiing or skateboarding. Adjustable from 0.5 to 3.0m, Arctic Sammy’s handsfree Trail Runner leash can be used as a short leash, a long leash with a handle, or a handsfree all-in-one.  An effective option for all breeds large and small, this handsfree leash is pure magic. 

Long Line Leashes

Dog Leads

A long line leash gives your dog the freedom to roam free and explore the outdoors while the control remains firmly in your hands. With an auto-lock swivel carabiner so you can securely tie your dog up when you need to, the long line leash is one of the best dog accessories available for long hikes, recall training and controlled socialisation. 

Slip Leashes

A combination of collar and leash, a slip leash lets you give your dog a quick and gentle correction that eases when the pressure is released. Slip leads are great tools for correcting unwanted behaviours and for teaching your dog to walk comfortably beside you, but they also make good leashes for everyday use.  They are being used frequently by vets, rescue organizations and people who need to get their dog quickly from point A to B. Also very handy to use while hitting the agility grounds on the weekend. 

Double Dog Leashes

Got two adorable pups to walk at the same time? Say goodbye to tangled leashes with a double dog lead. These leashes have swivel carabiners on both ends to stop your dogs from getting in a tangle and to guarantee the three of you have a pleasant walk. 

Find the right dog leash at Arctic Sammy

At Arctic Sammy, you can find dog leashes that are perfect for your pet, whether you have a rugged outdoorsy hound or a stylish city pooch. Handmade right here in Christchurch, New Zealand, these leads are lightweight, waterproof, designed not to fray or mildew and perfect for adventures in all kinds of environments and weather conditions.  

The high-quality material our leashes are made from is gentle on your hands and makes it easy to untie unwanted knots when you need to. Plus all of our leads are backed with a lifetime warranty! 

For more information about our dog leashes and other outdoor dog accessories, contact the Arctic Sammy team

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