How Dog Collar Lights Let You See Your Dog in the Dark

How Dog Collar Lights Let You See Your Dog in the Dark

Dogs love to roam and explore, and their passion for the great outdoors doesn’t disappear when the sun goes down. If you’re like most dog owners, letting your furry friend off the lead can be scary, especially when there’s not much light out. Dog collar lights give you the power to keep your dog in your sight at all times. Quick and easy to clip onto dog collars, these nifty dog accessories are perfect for night walks, rainy days and backyard play after dusk. 

Arctic Sammy has dog collar lights powered by LED lighting, one of the cleanest, greenest and most efficient forms of illumination available. Whether it’s for an after-work walk or just a little extra visibility on a foggy New Zealand morning, an Arctic Sammy LED dog collar light gives you peace of mind that your pet is still safe. 

What are dog collar lights?

A dog collar light is a small device that attaches to your dog’s collar or harness and provides a constant source of lighting. Dog collar lights are typically LED-powered, available in a range of colours and come with different modes to select, including both steady and flashing options. 

All decent pet collar lights have some common qualities, such as being easy to see and comfortable for your furry friend to wear. But like all dog accessories, collar lights come in various sizes, shapes and looks, meaning there are a few things to consider when you start shopping for them. 

Benefits of dog collar lights

Is a dog collar light worth investing in? Will it make a difference? Here are a few of the biggest benefits to embracing these tiny but super-helpful accessories: 

Increased safety

A dog collar light is a safety device. It alerts passing motorists to your dog’s presence, helps you find him more easily if he wanders off, and gives him a chance to let loose in wide open spaces even when lighting is poor. 

Better visibility

The biggest benefit of a dog collar light is the visibility it provides. This is especially handy if you have a dark-coloured dog that blends into the night, or one who loves to charge down hiking tracks after-hours. With a dog collar light, not only can you see your dog better in all conditions, other people including motorists, pedestrians and cyclists can as well. 


What good is a dog collar light if it doesn’t make life easier for you? These lights are built to be simple to clip on and off dog collars or harness when you need them.  

How to choose a dog collar light

When you’re choosing the perfect dog collar light, there are a few different things to consider. With the safety of your precious companion on the line, it’s not worth compromising on any of the following qualities: 

Brightness and visibility

It’s important to choose a bright light that can be seen from some distance away. If your backyard is large or you’re fond of night walks or camping trips, your light needs to be vibrant enough to keep your dog in your line of sight even when he’s off and running. However, the light should not be too bright as this might hurt your dog's eyesight and compromises his nighttime vision. 


This should be a priority for all dog products, but a dog collar light should be sturdy and well-made. The higher the quality, the longer it will last and the better it will withstand rough play and wet weather. It should also be waterproof in case your dog decides to go running in the rain or splashing about in a puddle. 

Battery power

A powerful, rechargeable battery means you won’t have to charge it as frequently, and you can take your beloved pet on longer outdoor adventures without stressing. Being rechargeable also means you don’t have to carry extra batteries and can simply charge it in your car or with a powerbank when you are out and about. 

Buy LED Dog Collar Lights from Arctic Sammy

Arctic Sammy’s LED dog collar lights are the perfect dog accessories to keep your beloved pet visible 24/7, regardless of the weather conditions or the time of day. 

With an Arctic Sammy LED dog collar light, you can choose from three modes: always on, slow flash and fast flash. With a USB-C rechargeable cable included, a 90-minute charging time and up to 16 hours of light, an LED dog collar light gives you a speedy and long-lasting source of visibility. It’s also water and rust resistant, with an IPX5 rating.

With sturdy adjustable rubber bands included, our LED dog collar lights are easy to clip onto our dog collars, harnesses and other outdoor gear. Lightweight and super compact, they’re the perfect non-obstructive accessory for all kinds of dog breeds. They even have concealed switches so there’s no danger of your dog accidentally turning them off when he’s playing.   

For more information about Arctic Sammy’s LED dog collar lights and other accessories for adventurous dogs, contact our team today.

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