Why Quality Dog Bandanas are More than Fashion Accessories

Why Quality Dog Bandanas are More than Fashion Accessories

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Dog bandanas are stylish accessories that help your canine stand out in the crowd, but there are so many more uses for them. 

Dog bandanas are fun and easy accessories that show off your dog’s personality and your keen eye for style. You’ll see them on Instagram, at doggy events and surely in your local dog park. They’ve probably caught your attention with their style, their colours and their funky patterns. You might have even thought about how good your own furry friend will look decked out in his own bandana, whether it’s a Halloween special or a traditional black or tartan design. But while dog bandanas certainly look good, that’s not the only advantage of these trendsetting dog accessories. Dog bandanas are surprisingly versatile, and can even make great outdoor dog products if you love to get out and about. 

So why should you embrace dog bandanas for your beloved four-legged friend, and how can you choose the right one? 


The Benefits of Dog Bandanas

Apart from looking fly and fashionable, bandanas are good for your dog in several different ways. 

They’re comfortable

A bandana wraps around your dog’s neck the same way that a collar would and it’s just as comfortable as one – and probably more so! Made from 100% pure cotton, our PAWS dog bandanas feel gentle and snug on your dog’s neck and help keep him comfortable in a range of situations. 

They keep the cold away

A bandana acts like a scarf, protecting your best friend against cold winds on winter days. This provides an extra level of comfort and makes walks a lot more pleasant all year round. It works the other way as well: on a hot day, you can cool your dog down by applying some water to the bandana.  

They help to identify your dog

If you have more than one puppy from the same litter or you’re in an area with a lot of the same breed of dogs, it can be helpful to help yours stand out. A dog bandana can make your dog more noticeable in an interesting way and stop you from losing him in busy public places. A particularly cute bandana can also help a big dog appear less threatening and can indicate whether it’s a girl or a boy.. 

They can send an important message

When you don’t have time for a one-on-one conversation with another dog owner, a bandana can be a simple and effective way to let them know that your dog is deaf, blind, aggressive, anxious or in-training, among other conditions. With the right text, a bandana can clearly broadcast to everyone around you that they should approach your pup with caution – or in some cases, should not approach at all. Strong colours like red, yellow and black are the most effective for this kind of message. 

They repel insects

Nasties like fleas and ticks love to burrow their way into the fur of your dog’s neck. Luckily, a bandana helps to keep them at bay. 

They have aromatherapeutic benefits

A dog-safe aromatherapy product can calm an anxious pup down and help them to get on with their day. A bandana is an easy place to apply the right kind of scent and let it work its soothing magic on your dog. 

They help with visibility

Simply put, a brightly coloured bandana makes your dog easier to see. This is particularly useful at night or in other low-visibility situations (ever taken your white pup skiing?). 

Choosing the Right Size

Like other dog accessories, dog bandanas come in different sizes and styles that suit dogs of different breeds. When you’re buying a bandana that you like the look of, make sure it also fits well around your dog’s neck. Our bandannas starting from extra small (17-25cm) for breeds like Yorkies and Chihuahuas all the way up to large (38-42cm) and extra-large (42-58cm) versions for breeds like Great Danes, Border Collies, Huskies, Labradors and German Shepherds. 

There’s a size and style out there for every breed. Are you ready to go bandana shopping? 

Arctic Sammy Dog Bandanas for Sale

At Arctic Sammy, we have a wide range of handmade 100% cotton dog bandanas for sale. Our patterns and designs include beautiful blue with love hearts, a checked sunrise orange pattern, soft pink rose and beachy cabana-style blue. By buying one, you’re donating to charities that help animals in need through our Healing Paws program. 

Like the rest of our outdoor dog products, our dog bandanas provide comfort on long treks, warmth in New Zealand’s often chilly weather and a keen sense of style. They’ll inspire you to take your dog and get out and about whether on social media or on the camping trail. 

If you need help finding the right dog bandana or any other dog accessories, contact our Team today!

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