Dog Collars & How to Choose the Right One

Dog Collars & How to Choose the Right One

Dog collars are among the most important accessories a dog owner needs to have. It is not just a way to tether your dog but also carries your pups ID and council tags. They also work as training tools for teaching your pet basic walking skills. When people see a collar around your dog’s neck, they know he’s somebody’s best friend rather than a stray. And last but not least, a dog collar is also a fashion accessory that shows off his unique personality and your eye for style. After all, you want your pup to stand out of the crowd! 

Of course, your dog deserves only the best. Comfort, control and safety are important, especially if you’re hiking, camping or taking long walks with your dog. 

Shopping for dog collars online can feel like a massive task: there are so many styles and types to choose from including collars with a range of different functions. You want one that looks good, feels good and meets your dog’s needs. You also want it to be reliable, long-lasting and sustainable.  How do you find exactly what you’re looking for among the many dog accessories on the market? 

As fellow dog owners that have personally tested many types of collars ourselves, we can help you find the right one for your furry friend. Here are some of the most common styles of dog collars:  

Adjustable collars

Dog collars shouldn’t be too tight or too loose (ever heard of the two finger rule?). Adjustable dog collars make this sweet spot easy to reach. They feature straps that can be lengthened or shortened at will to suit different neck sizes and often come with quick-release buckles for easy removal. While they’re comfortable for your dog, they’re also reliable and resilient and they won’t let him slip away. And if you happen to get a puppy who has some growing to do, those collars would be most suitable.

Adjustable dog collars are suitable for both long and short walks and just about every occasion you can think of. Their versatility makes them one of the most useful everyday dog accessories you can get your hands on.  

Martingale collars

A martingale collar allows you to keep a tight leash on your furry friend and stop him from slipping away. But unlike a regular slip leash collar, there’s no danger of pulling it too tight. A martingale collar consists of two loops: a larger one that goes around a dog’s neck and a smaller one clipped to his lead. When your pet tries to give you the slip, the tension on the lead pulls on the small loop. This tightens the large loop and stops him from making a getaway. As soon as he stops pulling, the lead returns to a more relaxed and comfortable feel.   

Martingale collars are great for training and for everyday wear. If you’re looking for a no-fuss approach that won’t have you wrestling your dog’s fur out of a buckle, they’re ideal. Also recommended for dog breeds with narrow heads and the well known “escape artists”. 

Breakaway collars

As pet owners, we’d do just about anything to keep our dogs safe. Breakaway collars will snap and fall off your dog’s neck if they get caught on something. While this can save your dog’s life in some scenarios, there’s the danger that your dog might release the catch himself, leaving him with no ID. A breakaway collar can be a good idea if your dog is especially active or prone to getting into hard-to-escape situations but it is not ideal as a regular collar for the common dog owner. 

Dog harnesses

If you don’t want a collar for your dog, the alternative would be to use a harness instead. A harness lets you control your dog without putting any pressure on his neck, and they stay secured to your dog no matter what. Easy to put on and perfect for outdoor adventures, a harness stays comfortable for your dog during long hikes and prevents injuries from pulling on leads. Especially great for young dogs who haven’t learned to walk on a leash yet!

Shop for dog collars with Arctic Sammy

Here at Arctic Sammy, we offer a wide range of martingale and adjustable dog collars to meet your dog’s needs, suit his style and last you for many years to come. Our collars are built from high-strength NZ climbing rope which is strong, resistant to tearing and gentle around your dog’s neck. When you buy dog collars online from us,  you know you’re buying the very best for your best friend. 

Our adjustable rope collars are resistant to wear and tear and stay comfortable around your dog’s neck on both long and short walks, even if he has sensitive skin. The same can be said for our martingale collars, which are ideal for both training and everyday use and can easy be slipped on and off your dog’s neck. The limited slip function means you can only tighten the collar up to a certain point in order to protect your pup. 

If you need help finding the right dog collar or any other dog accessories, drop us a line at

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