The Best Dog Accessories for Travel and Camping

The Best Dog Accessories for Travel and Camping

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A getaway with your four-legged friend has to be one of life’s sweetest pleasures: you and your canine companion, sharing the open road and its stunning scenery. Camping with your dog is a rewarding experience, especially in a country with as many spectacular sights and destinations as New Zealand. But you have to be prepared. The right dog accessories make your dog’s life easier as well as your own, and they also make for a happier trip.  

What kind of accessories should you take on your trip? Whether you’re camping, fishing, relaxing in your caravan or just getting through traffic, you’ll need some supplies to make the experience easier and more pleasant for everyone. Obviously you’ll need a travel dog bowl so your furry friend doesn’t go hungry, but what else should you pack? 


At Arctic Sammy, we’re big fans of the great outdoors and passionate about providing our customers with outdoor dog products that will last. Here is our guide to the most essential dog accessories for a camping or road trip. 

Travel Dog Bowl 

A travel dog bowl is a must-have accessory for your trip. Whether you’re admiring some stunning mountain sights or having a cruisy day on the beach, a travel dog bowl will keep your pup well-fed, hydrated and happy. Extra features like belt loops and carabiner clips make these bowls perfect for hands-free adventuring.  

Our Backcountry Travel Dog Bowl fits 1.25 litres of water or three cups of kibble, enough to satisfy a dog with a healthy appetite. Thanks to an extra strap, the bowl rolls in on itself and fits nicely into one of our Trail Packs (see the next section for details!).  

Trail Pack

If you hike with your dog on a regular basis, you know there’s a lot to carry on the trails: poop bags, water bottle, snacks, travel bowl, your phone and so much more. Our dog trail pack is the perfect accessory when you don’t want to lug a heavy backpack around. Fill it with essentials, adjust the waistband to fit you or your partner and focus on the fresh air and lush scenery. 

Our outdoor trail pack has three separate compartments, a breathable mesh for extra airspace and two attachment points on each side to clip on plenty of dog accessories. The hole in the front pouch dispenses a steady supply of poop bags that’s easy to refill from the inside. 

Dog Food Travel Bag

A good dog food travel bag allows you to easily store, carry and dispense kibble on your campsite, on the hiking track or on the road. 

Our Explorer Dog Food Travel Bag is highly portable, convenient and easy to clip up.  No need to use plastic bags that will only end up in landfill. The  roll-down top closure keeps kibble secure and allows for adjustable volume which means it takes up less space than your standard bag of kibble.

Trail Treat Pouch

A trail treat pouch is a small, simple, hands-free solution for feeding your dog treats when you are out and about together. Lightweight and water-resistant, a good trail pouch keeps even the juiciest treats contained and stops them from drying out. 

ID Tag

It’s important for your dog to have an ID tag with your contact information on it just in case he gives you the slip. These small items can make a big difference when your dog decides to go exploring a new and unfamiliar terrain. 

If long-lasting silicon tags in a range of colours and styles sounds appealing to you, take a look at our ID tag collection. These tags are totally silent, so not even a jingling noise will disturb your peace and quiet. 

Camping Zipline

One way to stop your dog from running off to begin with (as well as give yourself a bit of a breather) is to set up camp with our Basecamp Dog Camping Zipline. Our doggy zipline will give your pet enough space to move around comfortably but prevent him from escaping your watchful eyes while you can go back to camp duties. Too easy!

Compostable Poop Bags

Picking up your dog’s poop is essential when you’re in the bush, and compostable poop bags are both convenient and environmentally-friendly. 


Car Tether

Keep your dog safe while driving and avoid any unnecessary distractions while you are out on the road together. An essential part of your travel gear thats makes your car rides even better! Simply attach to your harness and click the buckle into the seatbelt, use the headrest tether or clip your dog to a child seat tether point in your boot. The 3 different attachment types give you all possible options for your dog to join you on an enjoyable ride.


It almost goes without saying, but the right toys can make a long trip easier with your furry passenger. They also give your dog something to do during downtime at your camping site and hopefully tire him out so much that he naps the whole way home. 

Shop for Dog Accessories at Arctic Sammy

At Arctic Sammy, we make dog accessories that are built to last. So strong and durable that you can rely on them for years to come, our selection of toys, tags, tools and training gear is perfect for all occasions, from long road trip and camping expeditions to morning walks close to home. From travel dog bowls to collars, leashes and harnesses, our outdoor dog products strike the perfect balance of style, comfort and strength. 

If you have any questions or need help finding the right dog accessories, drop us a line at

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