Are Slip Leashes Good for Dogs?

Are Slip Leashes Good for Dogs?

A slip leash is a simple design but an effective one. It’s great for quickly getting your dog into the car when you’re in a hurry and for getting him out again when he’s made it his playground and doesn’t want to leave. Yet slip leashes have a controversial reputation and you may have heard they’re cruel, especially when used as training tools. So is that true? Are slip leashes good for dogs, or are there better options out there to choose from?  

There’s more than one kind of leash, and all dog leads can be right for certain situations. Hands-free dog leashes are perfect for getting some early morning exercise together, while double dog leashes let you keep two excitable pups in line at the same time. 

At Arctic Sammy, we know you want what’s best for your pup, so we’ll help you find the right lead to suit the both of you.  

But first, we’ll answer a few important questions: are slip leashes good for dogs? Are they comfortable? And will they strengthen your relationship with your best friend? 

What is a slip leash?

A slip leash is a combination of a dog leash and a collar rolled into one. As the name suggests, it’s an easy item to slip on or off your pet with no need to reach for a separate collar or harness. Because of their convenience, professionals in fields such as animal rescue regularly use slip leashes when they need to catch or move dogs in a hurry. 

A slip leash consists of two loops at each end of the lead: one for you to hold onto and one to slip around your dog’s neck. Slip leads are firm, secure and almost impossible to escape from. The main criticism of slip leashes comes from the way they’re used in walking training. When a dog pulls on the leash, it tightens a little around his neck, leading to an unpleasant feeling that he quickly learns to avoid. 

So are slip leashes good for dogs, or are there more effective ways to bond with your beloved pet and teach good judgement and life skills? 

Are slip leashes good for dogs?

Like other leash types, slip leashes are good for dogs when you use them the right way. 

With the wrong dog, or in the wrong setting, any type of leash can be inappropriate - and slip leads are no exception. If you pull too tightly on a slip leash, you can cause whiplash or even damage his neck and throat. If your dog is a puppy or brand new to training, you’re better off giving slip leashes a miss. 

Are slip leashes good for dogs otherwise? Absolutely! Slip leads are easy to use, super convenient and can be adjusted for dogs of all sizes. Yet just like any other kind of dog leash, you need to choose a slip leash that’s high quality, long-lasting and comfortable for your furry friend. 

How do you put a slip leash on your dog?

It’s very important to put a slip leash on your dog properly. You want to keep the leash firmly in place, but you don’t want it to feel too tight around your dog’s neck. And you certainly don’t want to startle him. To start with, make sure your loop is big enough to fit over your dog’s head and make sure he can see what you’re doing so he doesn’t get startled or scared. 

Position the look at the top of your dog’s head, right behind his ears on the top of his neck. Placing it any lower down puts him at risk of injury. Tighten using the O-ring but make sure you leave at least two fingers’ width under the collar. By placing two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck, you can make sure the collar is on firmly but not too tight. Keep an eye on your dog throughout the process to make sure he remains comfortable. Then use the provided rubber stopper to ensure the leash is not changing the neck position or falling of your dog's head.

Shop for slip leashes with Arctic Sammy

Arctic Sammy has a range of safe, reliable and comfortable slip leashes for your canine companion, available in a range of colours. Made from weather-resistant double-braided rope with break loads of 2.5 tonnes, these leashes are among the most durable on the market – and the most comfortable for your dog too. Lightweight, water-resistant and built to last, our slip leashes are made for all kinds of weather conditions and outdoor adventures. 

And that’s just for starters. We have a selection of other dog leads in various styles that are perfect for walks and activities of all kinds. Because we’re confident in the longevity of our leashes, we offer a lifetime warranty with our products. 

If you want to know more about our dog leashes or have any questions, contact the team at

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