Are Dog Raincoats Necessary?

Are Dog Raincoats Necessary?

Obviously, the most important benefit of a pet raincoat for your dog is that it keeps your dog dry during wet weather conditions. But there are many more benefits for you and your pup which we will discuss in this blog post. 



Which started as a fashion trend, actually became an essential peace of gear for you and your active dog. We all know too well that a tired dog is a happy dog right? This is especially difficult on rainy days and even more so when your dog does not like to get wet.  A dog raincoat is helping you to stay active, even when the weather is - well - pretty poor. Just like you dress yourself properly to enjoy your walk, you should do the same for your furry friend. Find out why!



The advantages of a dog raincoat 

Winter and Fall

Winter and Fall are the times of the year where we have our own rain jacket ready to go every day. With lot's of storms and bad weather fronts, we find ourselves putting on those gumboots and weatherproof gear, ready to tackle the mud. Particularly as we enter these colder months, preventing your pooch from getting wet whilst outside is vital. Why? If your dog gets wet when they are out in the cold, their temperature could drastically drop, causing hypothermia, or their respiratory tract may become inflamed, which could lead to pneumonia. A proper dog raincoat, will not only protect your pup from getting cold or soaked in the rain, but it will also provide an added layer of protection from the wind. Yep, we are talking about those harsh Southwesterlies hitting the country. 


With warm rain and high temperatures in summer, you might think it's best to pack your dog's raincoat back into the closet for next year. But think about the time you spend after every walk in a good downpour drying your pup! This might be a quick job for some breeds like a Dalmatian but certainly not for double-coated dogs. Your dog hops back into the car or walks through your front door and all you see is water and mud covering your walls and carpet after your pooch is shaking off all this water from his body. And then begins the long drying period which can take days (!) for those thick coated dogs. Ever wonder why your dog sometimes stinks? The damp fur is the perfect growing environment for bacteria which causes the "wet dog smell". With a dog rain jacket, you protect your pups precious mane from matting and knotting, and your car and your house from getting dirty - it’s a win-win situation! It can also help tremendously with preventing hot spots. 



Stay active, no matter the weather

While some dog breeds, such as retrievers, enjoy the rain, most would prefer to avoid it. But what happens when your dog needs their daily exercise but it’s raining outside? Do you just stay home and skip the walk? Absolutely not! Regardless of the weather, regular walks are a crucial part of keeping your dog physically and mentally healthy. Plus you get to have some exercise and fresh air too.  We’re not saying take your pup out even in a hurricane, but simply don’t avoid walks because of a little rain. The proper gear makes all the difference.


My dog hates the rain

If your dog can’t stand the rain, they might really appreciate a dog raincoat that will keep them warm and dry while out on walks. In fact, not only will you find it easier whilst out on walks because your pup will be more comfortable, but they will also be less nervous and reluctant when you get their lead out whilst it’s raining outside.  


Prevent injuries from getting infected

If your pup has recently undergone surgery or has injured themselves, they may have wounds that need to be kept dry and sterile. So, rainy, muddy walks are not the best idea… unless you have a dog raincoat! Rain Jackets can help to prevent water and any other liquids from soaking into your dog’s bandages and contaminating the wound, which could lead to serious infections.


Puppies and older dogs

Additionally, young and particularly older dogs may also benefit from having their own doggy raincoats, as they are prone to having weaker immune systems and may, in result, catch a virus from being out in the rain for too long. 


On vacation

We, the owners, also benefit from a pet raincoat, as it means not having the uncomfortable moment where your dog shakes off the water in your hotel room, tent or restaurant. When you are on a road trip, you don't necessarily have the equipment to clean up after your dog. Can you imagine cuddling with your soaked pup in your tent after a whole day of rain? No thank you. 




    So, yes, dog rain jackets truly are the secret to keeping your pup active, happy and protected, during these rainy months and take away the struggle of cleaning up afterwards. We already do enough of that, right?

    Whilst often mistaken as a fashion accessory and never a must, allowing your dog to have their own rain jacket for the rainy days all year around can bring both you and best friend many benefits.  


    Check out our Arctic Sammy Raincoat! With it's 15.000mm water rating and 5.000mm breathability, this 3-layered coat is as functional as your own outdoor gear. We have spend over 2 years developing this dog raincoat and tested it in seriously bad weather. And we have a lot of that in New Zealand so you can trust it to do it's job.

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