Waihai Rope Dog Leash
rope dog leash
rope dog lead
dog lead
dog leash
Waihai Rope Dog Leash
arctic sammy Rope Dog Leash
arctic sammy rope lead
arctic sammy rope leash
Waihai Rope Dog Leash
waihi dog leash

Waihi Rope Dog Leash

Sale price$65.00 NZD

Made out of high strength and weather resistant climbing rope with a break load of 647kg, this dog leash is the most durable and comfortable leash available. Equipped with an auto-locking swivel carabiner to ensure that your dog can't become unclipped.

Size:1.5 m



Because you need to rely on your gear! All our leashes come with a 5 KN auto-locking swivel carabiner and are strength tested at 500KG+

The Details



Our leashes are the safest on the market. Strength tested at 500KG+, no dog will be able to break it. We even towed a car with it! (not recommended).

Unfortunately, no. You know, just like us, that dogs can chew through anything they put their mind to. The good news is: In most cases, we can repair your leash! Just send us a message and we will sort it out for you.

Yes you can! All our metal parts are either made of stainless steel or aluminium and are rust proof. We recommend giving your leash a quick rinse after a good swim to avoid long term corrosion.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.