How to measure a dog for a harness

How to measure a dog for a harness

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One of the most searched questions for dog owners is: how to measure a dog for a harness? You'll be pleased to know that measuring your dog for a harness is actually a very simple process. That said, it is important to get correct measurements so your new harness will fit comfortably and keep your dog safe. Simply guessing the size can result in an uncomfortable or unsafe fit. 

As dogs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some have deep chests, some have small or large necks or overly large heads which are not always in proportion to their main body. You should take all of this into consideration when you consider how to measure a dog for a harness. A harness that is too tight for your dog may cause injury, whilst a loose harness may result in your dog running off!

Are you ready to accurately measure your dog for a harness and choose the perfect size? Arctic Sammy has the answers to give you the confidence on choosing the right fit for your pup. 

Benefits of a Dog Harness 

Dog harnesses can be more beneficial to your dog than a dog collar. The pull force of a harness is evenly distributed across your dog’s back, as opposed to pulling their neck while walking on a collar. 

Using a dog harness is usually more gentle on your dog. Their back is wide and strong and can take more pressure and force than their neck. Especially for young puppies who are not leash trained just yet, a harness is an essential piece of gear to avoid damage to their sensitive throats. 

In addition, you can use dog harnesses and other outdoor dog products to enjoy doggy sports with your pooch! Running or cycling are so much more enjoyable knowing your dog is comfortable and safe while you are enjoying some well deserved exercise together. 

How To Measure Your Dog - 3 Easy Steps

All you need is a flexible tape measure or a piece of string (or anything else you can wrap around your dog) and a ruler.

Whether your dog is small, medium, or large, you should use the same methods to measure. Just be sure to adjust the tape measure’s placement based on your dog’s specific dimensions. 

When considering how to measure a dog for a harness, you need three measurements: the head, neck and the chest. 

Step 1: Measuring your dog’s head:

When measuring the head, wrap the tape measure around the widest part of the head which is usually over the ears and under the jaw. Make sure the tape is snug.

Step 2: Measuring your dog’s neck:

For correct neck measurements, wrap the tape measure just below the narrow part where your dog normally wears a collar. If you’re having trouble deciding where to measure, feel for his shoulders. The correct spot to measure will be right above them.

Step 3: Measuring your dog’s chest:

When measuring the chest, take care to fit the tape measure around the widest part. start measuring from the bottom of your dog’s rib cage. Do not measure right behind your dog’s armpits as this leads to wrong results. 

You are almost there! In addition to the measurements you have just taken, there are other factors that should also taken into consideration on how to measure a dog for a harness and influence your purchase. Some harnesses are styled to fit certain body types better than others. Our Adventure Dog Harness, for example, works well with athletic dogs who love to run and need their shoulders to be free but is not suited for toy breeds.

Once you have all 3 measurements in cm, make a note of it and refer to the table or size guide on our website. Make sure your new harness size falls within these measurements. 

Find the right dog harness with Arctic Sammy

Now you are good to go to get your dog a perfect fitting harness! We at Arctic Sammy have developed a multipurpose harness that is easy to put on, comfortable to wear and keeps the pressure off your dog's neck. The Arctic Sammy Adventure Harness is a key piece of gear for your dog embarking on a life of adventures with you!

Designed for everything from trail running to your favourite walks through the bush, up the mountains or in your dog park. With two D-ring attachment points - one on the chest and one on the back - you have 2 options for how to best walk your dog, while the front clip helps to discourage pulling The top handle allows you to give your pup a boost over boulders or any obstacles along your track, or grab them close if needed. 

Take a look at our Adventure Dog Harness and other outdoor dog products to find out more or drop us a line at should you have any questions on how to measure a dog for a harness.  

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