Are Martingale Collars safe?

Are Martingale Collars safe?

You are thinking about purchasing this type of collar and you need to be assured of its safety? Or you recently bought one and are wondering whether it is safe for your pup? Are Martingale Collars safe? You came to the right place! In this blog post we will explain everything you need to know about the right usage and why they are a great piece of gear for you and your pup.

Husky wearing a Martingale Dog Collar


What is a Martingale Collar?

amount when the handler makes a leash correction or the dog pulls.

When your dog pulls, the collar tightens and will stay snug around the dog’s neck without choking the dog. When the tension is released, the collar loosens again. Some come with buckles and others simply slip over your dog’s head.

You might be wondering whether they are safe pet collars. While their safety is the main point of our blog post, it's essential to clarify that, like any tool, safe use depends mostly on the user. These collars, when used responsibly, are a safe and effective training aid. However, misuse can potentially cause harm to your dog, just like many other outdoor dog products.

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Correct Usage 

The key to safe usage of outdoor dog products, especially these types of collars, lies in their proper usage. They should be adjusted so that, even at its tightest, it's not choking your dog. When the collar is at its loosest, it shouldn't be able to slip over your dog's head without you actively taking it off. Well-fitted pet collars ensures safety while maintaining functionality. So, are Martingale Collars safe? Yes, if you choose the right size, adjust it correctly and go for a high quality product. 

How to fit these types of collars

The answer to the question “are martingale collars safe” can also depend on the fit. The most important part is to make sure it fits your dog properly. If it is too loose, your dog can likely slip out of it or lose it. Too snug? Choking becomes a hazard. The collar should slip over your dog's head with no force and tighten under leash pressure only to the point that it sits snug around your dog’s neck. For our Arctic Sammy Martingale Collars, simply loosen the knot and move it up and down the collar to adjust the size around the neck. Once you are confident with the right size, tighten the knot and try it out with your dog on leash. It should now tighten just enough for your dog not to be able to slip out of it. The inner circle circumference should match your dog’s neck size.

Safety and benefits 

These collars have been designed for safety. Most dogs tend to slip back or out of their collars when they are excited or nervous, putting their safety at risk. This is a common problem in dog breeds that feature ahead narrower than the neck such as Greyhounds. Furthermore, a they sit relatively loose around your dog’s neck which makes it a more comfortable option than a tightly fitted flat collar.

Are martingale collars safe? Yes, with these safety tips!

In order to ensure that your new product is never causing any harm, we have a few handy tips for you. It is recommended to never leave your dog unattended while they wear a them. The same accounts for regular collars too. Furthermore, don’t allow your pup inside a cage or kennel with their collar on. The collar could easily get caught in the mesh if the edges are not welded which might cause your pup to panic.

They are effective for training purposes

If you’re still teaching your four-legged friend how to walk on a leash, they’re more likely to pull and yank you around. As luck would have it, the adjustable loop on a collar tightens when pulled against and loosens when the tension stops. This allows your dog to associate discomfort and tightness with tugging and pulling. Hence, you easily establish good leash behaviour. This function is not bad for your dog (and won’t hurt them), rather it supports your training efforts. 

So in conclusion, are Martingale Collar safe?

Once properly adjusted, they are a very safe and comfortable piece of gear that helps with your dog’s training goals. The collar will also help to keep your pup safe and make your daily walks extra enjoyable. Dog breeds with narrow heads or very fluffy dogs will do well with this product

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