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Craigieburn Martingale Collar

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Size:S (45 cm)



Because you need to rely on your gear! Made carefully by hand from climbing rope, right here in our Christchurch workshop. All our collars are strength tested at 560KG+

The Details



There are too many good reasons for using a Martingale Collar so we try to keep it short! Great for very fluffy dogs (no tangled fur) and dog's with narrow heads (escape proof). It is also a great training tool for dog's who need a bit more leash walking skills.

Yes, you can loosen the knot and move it up and down the collar to adjust the size around the neck. However, you can only adjust the size around his neck, the overall size can not be adjusted.

The right size is crucial when using a martingale collar. It should not be too loose and hang down the neck but also not too tight to cause your dog discomfort. As the collar does not open and slips over your dog's head, the head circumference determines the right size for your dog. 

No. The knot prevents the collar from tightening. This means that once your dog is on leash and pulls, the collar tightens to your desired point. This is not a choking collar and very safe to use when properly adjusted.

We recommend using a flat collar for a puppy. The Martingale Collar can be too bulky for a puppy's small neck. Our adjustable collars are perfect for puppies!

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